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Music Publishing Deals & Music Distribution in Long Island, NY


Empowering Creativity:

The Table Entertainment's Vision for Publishing Deals and Music Distribution


In the fast-evolving world of the music industry, digital platforms have become indispensable for artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, and videographers seeking recognition and success. The Table Entertainment recognizes the immense talent that resides in these fields and is committed to facilitating their growth and exposure. By forging strategic publishing deals and securing placements on prominent platforms like JPay, Vevo, and Spotify playlists, The Table Entertainment aims to provide a comprehensive and supportive ecosystem for creative professionals. While certain services may require an investment, the company is also dedicated to offering valuable resources at no cost, ultimately fostering artistic excellence through personalized consultations.

Publishing Deals and Collaborations:

The Table Entertainment firmly believes in the power of collaboration and recognizes that artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, and videographers each play a crucial role in shaping a successful music project. To this end, the company seeks to engage in publishing deals that empower creative professionals to showcase their talents to a wider audience. These publishing deals will enable artists to retain ownership of their intellectual property while gaining access to a strong distribution network that ensures their music reaches diverse audiences.

Moreover, The Table Entertainment aims to foster a collaborative culture, where diverse talents come together to create unique and compelling musical experiences. By facilitating collaborations between different creatives, the company seeks to foster innovation, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


Music Distribution on Prominent Platforms:

In today's digital age, music distribution has become a vital factor in determining an artist's success. The Table Entertainment recognizes this reality and is dedicated to securing placements for its artists on prominent platforms such as JPay, Vevo, and Spotify playlists. These platforms offer unparalleled visibility and are instrumental in reaching a vast and diverse audience.

JPay, as a digital media company specializing in entertainment for incarcerated individuals, presents an excellent opportunity for artists to connect with a unique and often underserved audience. Vevo, as a prominent music video hosting service, amplifies an artist's visual storytelling capabilities, while Spotify playlists provide an avenue to reach millions of potential fans worldwide.

Balancing Costs and Free Services:

Acknowledging the financial challenges that aspiring artists often face, The Table Entertainment is committed to providing a mix of paid and free services. Some services, such as premium placements on high-profile playlists, personalized marketing campaigns, and tailored promotional strategies, may require an investment. These paid offerings are designed to amplify an artist's visibility and maximize their potential for success.

Conversely, the company recognizes the importance of supporting emerging talent and fostering a community of creativity. As a result, The Table Entertainment will also offer free resources, such as educational content, artist spotlights, and promotional opportunities on smaller platforms to help artists gain momentum in their careers.

The Importance of Consultations

To ensure that each creative professional receives the assistance they need, The Table Entertainment emphasizes the value of consultations. These one-on-one sessions will enable the company to understand the unique strengths, goals, and aspirations of each artist, producer, engineer, songwriter, or videographer. By conducting these consultations, The Table Entertainment can offer tailored guidance and create personalized strategies to propel careers forward effectively.


The Table Entertainment is on a mission to revolutionize the music industry by empowering artists, producers, engineers, songwriters, and videographers through strategic publishing deals and prominent placements on digital platforms. By offering a balanced approach of paid and free services, the company seeks to democratize opportunities and support emerging talent. Through consultations, The Table Entertainment will provide personalized guidance, ensuring that each creative professional receives the attention and resources they deserve. As the company forges ahead, it aims to leave an indelible mark on the industry, promoting creativity and artistic excellence at every step of the journey.

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